Astronomy on Tap ATX (AoTATX) was founded in November of 2014 by Dr. Rachael Livermore and Dr. Jeffrey Silverman. We have hosted an event every month since that time, starting at Easy Tiger, most of the pre-pandemic years at The North Door, and now at Celis Brewing. Starting in 2016, AoTATX was hosted by Dr. Brandon Bozek and Raquel Martinez. Taking over for them in 2018 was Dr. Aaron Lee and Rebecca Larson. Dr. Micaela Bagley took over for Dr. Lee through 2020. Today, AoTATX is hosted by Lindsay House and Dr. Jed McKinney. Our team of space cadets consists of many graduate students, post-docs, research scientists, professors, and former astronomers who help with everything including merchandise ordering, video production, and marketing. 

Current Organizers

Katherine Chworowsky
Merchandise Sales, Organizer

Lara Eakins (Star Party Queen)

Dr. Samuel Factor (MCMC Hammer)
A/V Co-Manager, Astronomy News, Organizer

Zoe Hackshaw
Social Media Manager, Organizer

Lindsay House
Co-Host, Organizer

Junehyoung Jeon
Trivia Co-Manager, Organizer

Lilian Jiang
Video Editor, Organizer

Dr. Kyle Kaplan

Dr. Chris Lindner (Dr. Boom)
A/V Co-Manager, Organizer

Dr. Jed McKinney (Dusty Dan)
Co-Host, Organizer

Alexa Morales
Music Manager, Organizer

Prof. Brian W. Mulligan (Astrobit)
Business Manager, Organizer

James Mang
Merchandise & Sales Manager, Trivia Co-Manager, Organizer

Dr. Dominique Segura-Cox
Astronomy News, Video Editor, Organizer

Erica Sawczynec
Public Relations Manager, Organizer

Dr. Michael Gully-Santiago
Astronomy on Tap ATX, LLC